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Greetings from Kermit!

Summer is finally here in a big way!! It’s warm, and there’s rain, and there’s food for frogs – just
really a wonderful time. I’ve made sure Saturday, December 7
th is circled on my calendar – that’s the day
of this year’s Piggy Bank Bazaar – and I’m ready to plop down on one of my lily pads and watch as lunch
tries to fly past me!

June’s Wednesday Morning Workshops will be held on the 5th and 12th, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 15 of
the Education Center. After that, they won’t meet again until September, so all the Workshop folks can
have a well-deserved break.

A Great Big Froggy Thank You to all of you who took a Take Home Kit (or perhaps a few of them!)
It would be wonderful if you could return your completed Kits by the end of October, so they can be
featured in the Gathering Area showcase in November!! Mrs. Ray (my nice human friend who is already
picturing how gifts will be arranged in the showcase) reminds me that completed Kits can be returned
at any time to Room 15.

As we get ready for September, there are some supplies that we need, including plastic storage
tubs, polyester stuffing, new pencils and pens, scrap booking paper and supplies, yardsticks, mugs,
floral foam, small containers for flower arrangements, silk flowers and leaves, ribbon, yarn, craft paint,
paint brushes, new nails, screws, washers and hooks, saw tooth hangers, large gift bags or store bags
with handles, gift wrapping, and assorted other craft supplies,. And we’ll need bunches of potted
plants in December!!

Finally, another Great Big Froggy Thank You to you wonderful folks who’ve donated goodies to
Piggy’s Closet – we really appreciate receiving them!!

I won’t be writing to you for a couple of months, but I’ll be thinking of you, and looking forward
to seeing YOU at the Workshops in September. Have a Wonderful Summer!

Yours in Love,