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Greetings from Kermit! 

Mark your calendars – Saturday, December 1st, 2018 is the date for this year’s Piggy Bank Bazaar!! We still have to get through summer and then fall, and then it will time! I’m already getting excited about it – but I guess I had better calm down, since it’s still a few months away.  

Wednesday Morning Workshops for June will be held on the 6th and 13th, at 9:30 a.m. in room 15 of the Education Center. The Workshops will not meet during the summer months, resuming in September.

A Great Big Froggy Thank You to all of you who picked out Take Home Kits on Mother’s Day! When those are all completed, we’ll have another 555 goodies for the young humans to choose from at the Bazaar in December. I was hiding in a corner on Sunday, and I really enjoyed watching all of you hurry from table to table, looking over and selecting YOUR kits. I hope you can all join us at the Bazaar, and see how excited they make the young humans!!

 Another Great Big Froggy Thank You to the folks who designed this year’s Kits; Carolyn Gordon, Bonnie Hawes, Joan Kavanagh-Secor, Nancy Pomarico, Carol Ray, and Dottie Schmitt.

 Mrs. Ray (my nice human friend who is glad to have a few months to relax) reminds me that as we get ready for fall and for the Bazaar, we need some supplies, including plastic storage tubs, polyester stuffing and batting, felt, new pencils and pens, scrap booking paper and supplies, yardsticks, mugs, floral foam, small containers for

flower arrangements, silk flowers and leaves, shiny Christmas balls, ribbon, yarn, fabric, craft paint, paint brushes, new nails, screws and washers, hooks, saw tooth hangers, large gift bags or store bags with handles, gift wrapping, and assorted other craft supplies. And in December, we’ll need lots and LOTS of potted plants – those are always very popular.

 I’m going to hop away for a while, and I won’t be writing to you for a couple of months. The pond is calling, with bug hunting, lily pad sitting and, in the evenings, froggy chorus practice – I’m sure you’ve heard us!! I hope that YOU have a WONDERFUL summer!

 Yours in Love,