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Dear Members and Friends of New Hackensack Reformed Church, 

We continue through Lent 2019. Lent is indeed a time when we can look at our own behavior, and see ourselves as God sees us. We all have our shortcomings. In our men’s gathering this morning, we spoke about our sinfulness. Father Richard Rohr calls for a ‘restorative justice’. A restorative justice is the belief that ‘sin and failure are the setting and opportunity for the transformation and enlightenment of the offender’ (Richard Rohr, Breathing Underwater pg.38). We have two more Lenten Wednesday evening sessions planned with the Rev. Dr. Robert Geehan, retired pastor of Poughkeepsie Reformed Church. When we are able to look at our own walk with God, we indeed find ways to be with people of different faith walks. Hence, we continue our theme of ‘inclusiveness’.

First, I believe that the more we understand about other religions, the more we can welcome them into our church. We do not necessarily have to agree with their faith beliefs. However, we do need to respect their relationship with the God that they worship. So, I encourage you to join us during this season of Lent to come to church, and see what I have to say about being inclusive. I believe the current reality of the church is that we are being torn apart by the ‘I am right, and you are wrong’ philosophy. I believe that the time is long overdue for the church to listen to those of other faiths, and other sexual identities, and to come to some common understanding. This June, our General Synod will be debating this issue of inclusiveness for all children of God. I do hope you will join us in church so we can continue to pray, sing to God, and listen to God’s word proclaimed.

Please see the April worship schedule on the next page- I look forward to seeing you in worship!

Your Pastor,

Rev. Keith W. Tamlyn