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Dear Members and Friends of New Hackensack Reformed Church,

Advent/Christmas 2018

Our theme this year is, “Christmas; Where Our Hearts Find a Home.” During the month of December, if you look high up into the trees, we often see little bunches of nests everywhere. Some of those nests are used during the winter months for small animals and birds. Those nests remind me of Advent and Christmas time. The nests hold the precious animals, keeping them warm and comfortable in the wind and the snow. They are also places where the animals bring new life into the world. As Joyce Rupp shares in her book entitled Fresh Bread, “A nest is a home prepared from everyday fragments: twigs, dry grasses, pebbles, mud, saliva, feathers, and many other little bits of very ordinary things. Hummingbirds use moss and spider webs to make their nests while thrushes make a clay foundation and line the interior with a mixture of decayed wood and other materials. Whatever the kind of nest, or wherever they are placed, they are hallowed as a dwelling place to receive the gift of life. I believe this gift from God comes ever so quietly and in ever so ordinary a way. The twigs of our trials and tensions, the soft down of our love and grace, the pebbles of our patience and pain, the straw of our struggles and strivings, the mud of our humanness and growing, the dry grass of our surrender and our daily dyings.” 

These human nests bring us all to greater appreciation and understanding why God sent his son, Jesus Christ. The birth of Christ is a welcome home by God. Each Advent is an opportunity to once again, prepare our own hearts and minds to find a home for the LOVE that is born in us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s son. I do hope you will join us during this Advent/Christmas season. 

Our Christmas special offering will be divided amongst the following:

RCA Mission Services – USA Hurricane Relief. 2018 Hurricanes: Beryl, Chris, Florence, Helene, Isaac, Leslie, Marie, Michael, Oscar. In addition, RCA funding is still assisting Puerto Rico from 2017 Hurricane Irma.

Josh Bode – RCA Missionary to Oman. Josh Bode serves as pastor of the Protestant Church in Oman (PCO), providing pastoral, worship, and leadership development to the English speaking congregation

Project Hospitality – Staten Island. An interfaith effort, committed to serving the needs of hungry and homeless people, serving people, with special needs, living with HIV and AIDS, substance abuse, and those living with mental illness, with an array of on-site professional services.

Please use your Thanksgiving/Christmas envelopes available in your church envelope boxes or use the special offering envelopes available in the church pews.

On behalf of the Consistory and the staff, I offer my warmest Thanksgiving/Christmas greetings to each of you. I look forward to seeing you in worship as we prepare ourselves to welcome the new born King.

Please note the Advent/Christmas worship schedule and holiday opportunities on the next page. May God Bless you during this wonderful season!

Rev. Keith W. Tamlyn